Subscription rates and fees

Subscription rates are set by the AGM in April each year.  Subscriptions run from 1st May to 30th April and the rates for 2021 are:

  • £185 for full members,
  • £120 for country members (living more than 20 miles away as the crow flies),
  • £35 for Far Country members (living more than 50 miles away as the crow flies),
  • £30 for student members (in full time education, under 25 years old)
  • £25 for juniors, and
  • £15 for non-playing members. 

Reduced rates of £90 and £135 apply to players new to the game in their first and second seasons respectively, or £60 and £85 respectively if they are country members. Discounted rates may be available for new members who join late in the playing season.  

There are no green fees for members.  

The charge for unlimited tea and coffee during the season is £20 (but members may prefer to record individual drinks in the book provided, and settle with the treasurer later).

Full and Country Members for whom Nottingham is not their primary club (for the purpose of CA membership) can deduct £10 from these figures.

Those who take up the "Learn to Play" course or a "Croquet Experience Weekend" will pay £45 for temporary Introductory membership which lasts for the duration of the course or weekend. This fee is deductible from the first year's subscription if they choose to extend their membership for the rest of the season.

Green fees for casual visitors are £5 per session (reduced to £4 when they are the guest of a member).  Charges for social groups are £10 per head (to reflect the effort required to supervise them) but again reduced to £5 when a member is organising the activity as a member of the group. 

The charge for tournament lunches is £9, and for tournament or club teas £3.