Lawn Booking

Following the club closure in the early part of this (2020) season due to the coronavirus epidemic and government restrictions on movement, we are as or 16th May 2020 able to open the club on a limited basis, with some substantial constraints described elsewhere. One result of these is that a lawn may only be occupied by two people, or by members of the same household. For this reason the committee has adopted a lawn booking policy and online (web based) system. This must be used - no-one is permitted to turn up and play without booking.

Members (who have paid a players' subscription this year) should receive an email on Friday 15th May 2020 including a username and password to log on to the system.  

Another email from Beatrice on the evening of 14th May 2020 includes details on how to use the system. They are copied below or can be downloaded here

The system can be used from desktop or laptop computers or tablets or any device which supports a web browser and has a screen large enough for you to see the content. 

The link is here: Croquet Booking System .

Please contact Rob Edlin-White or Beatrice McGlen if you have any difficulty using the system, or if you have any comments or suggestions about it.

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Using the croquet lawn booking system.

These instructions and screen images relate to the use of the system on a Windows laptop using the Chrome browser. The process is very similar on other platforms (e.g. tablets) with other browsers. Screen appearances may vary a little depending on your screen / window size.

Club members will be provided with a username and password by email. A link to the Lawn booking system will be provided on the club website, which will take you to the illustrated logon screen. (It may also be possible to navigate to it by visiting “” and selecting Nottingham Croquet club on the pull down selection of clubs.)









Enter your username and password and hit enter to get access to the system. The following screen will appear:





On this screen you can click on the words Help, Lawns, Users[1] or your own user name to get informational material, or Log Off to leave the system, but the most useful display for booking lawns is found by clicking on the words “Go to”, to get the booking screen shown below. (Sometimes you will already have this screen).


This screen shows the (fictitious) bookings so far for Wed 13th May. Lawn 2 is booked between 11:00 and 14:00 for an Association Croquet game between Beatrice McGlen and Ian Vincent. Lawn 8 is booked from 11:30 to 13:00 for a Golf Croquet game between Nicky Newberry and Irmgard Finnigan. The colour coding of the different bookings indicates the type of booking and a key is provided at the foot of the screen. The bars on the left provide weather forecast information. The green horizontal line only appears if the display is for today, and shows the current time.

Lawn numbers are followed by “p” (for primary) and “(2)”. If and when we are able to accept two separate bookings for lawns, double-banked and booked separately, an extra set of lawns labelled “1s” to “8s” (“s” for secondary) will be added. The “(2)” represents the normal maximum capacity of the lawn in the current circumstances (though up to 4 players can play on a lawn if all are from the same household).

You can change the display to show a different day by using the arrow keys beside the word “Today” (top left) or by clicking on the date by the words “Go to” (shown by a red arrow above) and selecting a different date from the calendar which then appears. You can also change the display to show a whole week or a whole month by clicking on “Week” or “Month” near the top right, and on “Day” to revert back to this format.

If you wish to book one of the free slots, simply place your mouse pointer in the rectangle where you want your booking to start, and click, to get this screen:

Here you can enter the players’ names and optionally a full description of your fixture, and if required adjust the start time, end time and lawn number. We have set a maximum duration of 3 hours for the time being.

For our club’s purposes, the booking must contain the full names of all the players who will be involved.

The tiny indicators at the bottom (shows as a green tick and a red cross in this image) indicate whether or not the booking is likely to be accepted. You can hover the mouse pointer over them for information.

When you are happy with your booking, click on the SAVE button.

You will usually get a confirmation message. From time to time there may be limitations on bookings by an individual in order to share access to the lawns, in which case you may get an error message. Please contact Rob Edlin-White or Beatrice McGlen if you can’t make a booking which you ought to be able to.

If you wish to modify or cancel one of your bookings, find it on the main booking screen, click on it, and a simple screen will appear including buttons labelled “Delete Entry” and “Edit Entry”. If you click on “Edit Entry” you are presented with the screen just above, and can make changes too your booking.

The help button at the top of every screen gives some more information about other facilities.




The intention of providing this system in these difficult circumstances is to maximise the opportunities for our members to use the lawns in a safe, legal and responsible manner, to prevent any wasted journeys, and to facilitate contact tracing if any of our members should be unfortunate enough to contract a COVID-19 infection. We hope and trust it will be effective, and will be easy and not irksome to use.

Please contact Rob Edlin-White or Beatrice McGlen if you encounter any difficulties or have any comments.


[1] If you click on Users and then your own name, there is a facility to change your password to something memorable.