• Barlow Bowl rekindled after 13 years

    After an absence of 13yrs, the top six ladies competed for the Balow Bowl and the second top six ladies competed for the Longman Trophy.

    Sarah Hayes, Cheltenham won all her games to win the Barlow Bowl, Beatrice McGlen, Nottingham was runner-up, winning the much sought after Mallet Brooch.

    The event had been re-ignited after the successful 2015 Worlds Womens Championship held at Nottingham.

  • Nottingham 7-0 Bowdon (Mary Rose)

    Nottingham beat Bowdon 7-0 in the Mary Rose

    Omied Hallam and Beatrice McGlen beat Frank Moir and Francis Garcia +5

    Martin Beacon beat Charles Harding +18

    Dave Gunn beat Adam Swinton +8

    Omied Hallam beat Frank Moir +23TP

    Beatrice McGlen beat Francis Garcia +5

    Martin Beacon beat Adam Swinton +15

    Dave Gunn beat Charles Harding +14

    Nottingham will now play Wrest Park in the semi-finals.

  • August Week

    An oversubscribed August Week saw many old friends return for their annual pilgrimage with several players coming for their first time.

    Robin Hood Handicap - won by Anna Giraud (11) Huddersfield beating Sue Wileman (12) +1T in the final

    A Class won by Joel Taylor (-1) Oxford University beating Omied Hallam (0) +26TP, +26TP in the final

    B Class won by Charlie Martin (2.5) Ramsgate beating Trevor Longman (3) Ramsgate +11, +11 in the final

    C Class won by Neal Bacon (8) beating Francis Colman (9) Phyllis Court & Surbiton +25 in the final

    D Class won by Rena Souten (16) Huddersfield beating Andrew Beaumont (18) +10 in the playoff

    Handicap doubles won by Omied Hallam (0) and Neal Bacon (8) beating Charles Ostler (6) Pinchbeck and Sue Wileman (12) +1T in the final


  • Hallam Doubles Tournament

    Ten pairings enjoyed the weekends Hallam Doubles tournament held on two glorious July days.
    Sue Wileman & Alex McIntyre winning the overall competition with 5/5 wins beating Omied Hallam & Andy Dixon +3T in the final.
    Vice President, Peter Death presented the prizes to:-
    Peter Hanley - Brian Hallam Award for the most supportive coach
    Mary Ashworth, 41 - made the most hoops, with runner up Mark Lansdale, making 34 hoops
    Omied Hallam & Andy Dixon 1hr 55mins - quickest game
    Mark Lansdale, 7 - performed the most peels, with a little help from JD, Mark made 6 peels in the last game of the day. Runner up Carol Scott with a very creditable 5 peels
    Peter Death & Viv Staley - winners of the quiz
    Once again many thanks to Omied and Irmgard for feeding & watering the flock
    A brilliant time was had by all, many thanks Omied for your organisation and management, I'm sure that we came away with a better understanding of the game and its tactics and of our fellow players.
    Alex McIntyre, Peter Death and Sue Wileman
  • 26pt Federation League

    Nottingham, Ashby, Leicester and Pinchbeck played in the Federation 26pt league in swelting conditions at Ashby. Sue Wileman, Viv Staley & Michael Finnigan battled against our fellow federation clubs. At the end of the day three teams were tied with Nottingham, Leicester & Pinchbeck all winning 3 matches, Nottingham & Leicester winning 5 games each, however Pinchbeck go through to compete in next years Secretary Shield with 6 wins.


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