• Summer School for 9-12 year olds

    MALLET SPORTS SUMMER SCHOOL for 9-12  year olds

    27 – 31st July 2020


    Nottingham Croquet Club will be running a summer school for 9-12 year olds during the first week of the school holidays, the week commencing 27th July. This will offer a programme of mallet and croquet activities and skill development between 2pm and 4pm each day during the week.

    The cost for the summer school is £10 per student and that can be deducted against the membership fee for those students who wish to continue with our junior club.


    A flyer for this event can be found here.

    To find out more and to register please contact Ian Draper at 
     or on 07962 448848.

  • GC Inter-Club: Nottingham beat Ashby 5-2

    Nottingham 5 Ashby 2


    Ian Burridge & James Death beat Rachel Gee and Will Gee 7-5 6-7 7-6

    Richard Bilton beat Arthur Rowe 7-6 7-1

    Euan Burridge beat Tim King 7-4 7-3


    James Death lost to  Rachel Gee 4-7 7-6 4-7

    Ian Burridge beat Will Gee 7-5 7-5

    Richard Bilton  lost to Tim King 6-7 1-7

    Euan Burridge beat Arthur Rowe 7-2 7-4

  • Nottingham beat Pendle in Mary Rose

    Result for Nottingham vs Pendle.


    Nottingham 6: Pendle 0


    First post-Covid19 comp at Nottingham, 03/07/20. Very cold, windy and drizzly!




    Doubles not completed.

    Ian Draper pegged out by Liz, Dave Gunn on penult.

    Liz Wilson on peg,  Roger Schofield on 1 back


    Mike Hedge beat Paul Dowdall +26 in 1hr15m!

    Alex McIntyre beat Peter Wilson +19




    Mike Hedge beat Peter Wilson +25

    Alex McIntyre beat Paul Dowdall +25


    Dave Gunn beat Liz Wilson +13

    Ian Draper beat Roger Schofield +5


    Alex McIntyre. 

  • Resumption of many club activities

    Government relaxations of lockdown rules imposed due to the COVID-19 epidemic have enabled reopening of the club, with some constraints to reduce infection risks, and this has been met with enthusiasm by members. The online booking system has been well received and used. As well as lots of club friendly games being played:

    • The junior club has restarted on a weekly basis,
    • Coaching courses and activities are being offered at various levels,
    • Introductory coaching for new members begins on Monday 16th June,
    • Club competitions have been reintroduced, and 
    • We are exploring the possibility of holding tournaments again.

    Lawns 7 and 8 now have hoop holes drilled for half sized lawns which will be useful where full sized lawns are less appropriate; e.g. for Junior Club, Beginner Coaching and Short Croquet.

  • Burgeoning interest in croquet! Get your name down to learn with Nottingham Croquet Club.

    Burgeoning interest in croquet! Get your name down to learn with Nottingham Croquet Club.

    Croquet is one of 8 specific sports which can restart under the current relaxation of lockdown guidance, and there seems to be lots of interest in learning this fascinating, tactical and skilful sport.

    Nottingham Croquet Club has been offering Open Days for people new to the game and coaching courses for beginners for over 90 years. We currently are unable to hold group events, but if you’re interested in taking up the game, please register your details using the Enquiries page of this website and we will get back to you.

    This brief video shows some of our members back enjoying croquet after lockdown.


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