• James Death - New Fastest TP 4mins 37sec

    30th August 2017 James Death & Ian Burridge were taking alternate attempts to beat the fastest TP this afternoon. Ian had perfected a two ball break, he had earlier pegged out in 5mins 4secs but for front ball to miss the peg. James followed Ians strategy and with some early peels he went on to post a record time of 4mins 37sec.  

  • Ian Burridge wins GC Musk Cup

    Ian Burridge beat Rachel Rowe 7-5, 7-6 in the final of the GC Musk's Cup (GC First Eight) at Hamptworth Country Club.

    Richard Bilton was runner-up to Tim King (Ashby) in the Kate Jones Memorial Trophy (GC Second Eight), losing 6-7, 0-7 to Tim in the final. The event also saw Euan Burridges debut in this top flight event.

    All scores can be viewed on the Croquetscores website.

  • Beatrice McGlen wins Barlow Bowl (AC)

    An undefeated Beatrice McGlen wins the Barlow Bowl, fellow Nottingham club member Ailsa Lines was runner-up, Ailsa managed to reduce her handicap from -1/2 to -1.

  • Annual Tournament Results

    The winners of the various events in the 2017 Annual Tournament were:

    Robin Hood: Richard Forman

    Taylor Salver: Sophie McGlen

    Open Championship: John Davis

    B Level: Michael Finnigan

    C Level: Betty Bates

    D Handicap: Mark Lansdale

    Handicap Doubles: Ian Draper and Alex McIntyre



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