• CA Men's, Women's and Mixed Doubles Championship

    Nottingham Croquet Club  was delighted to host this prestigious event for the first time in our 93 year history.  It was also the first time our new West lawns (and our new balls) had been used for a top class event. For five days, spectators were treated to a feast of croquet excellence, with some of the UK's top players (and one from New Zealand) competing. It was good to note that about a third of the field were roughly under 40. Many matches were tightly fought, and some virtuosic, with the last game of the Men's final being won with a sextuple peel.

    The new lawns met with great acclaim from the visitors, and they anticipate them being even better next year for the Opens. The tight hoop setting by Charlie was much appreciated. The new balls, sadly, seem to be somewhat variable in sphericality and finish, leading to one or two dificuties which had to be resolved by referees. 

    Patricia Duke Cox, as Vice President of the CA, presented the prizes. 

    Thanks were offered in absentia to Charlie the groundsman who had prepared the lawns to such a high standard, and to all the catering team for their excellent and heartily appreciated provision. 



    Men's Championship: James Death (Runner up: Mark Suter)

    Women's Championship: Jenny Clarke (Runner-up: Gabrielle Higgins)

    Mixed Doubles Championship: Rachel Gee & Ian Burridge

    Du Pre Cup: Alain Giraud


    Photos to follow






  • Jubilee croquet

    We celebrated Her Majesty's Platinum  Jubilee (perhaps combined with her official birthday) on June 11th. Over 40 members came to the club to enjoy some interesting games involving croquet skills and novel rues, followed by a grand tea. Many thanks to the catering team who did an absolutely splendid job, and to Diana Plant for organising it and making a special jubilee cake. Diana is seen in one of the photos cutting the cake in the presence of illustrious company.  :-)  


  • Transplant Sport event

    On Sunday we hosted an event for Transplant Sport (TS), an organisation which uses a wide range of sporting activities as part of rehab and a fulfilling lifestyle for children and adults who have had organ transplants. They believe croquet has a unique value in this context, being competitive and skilful but not overly energetic. The event was modestly attended, but a great time was had by those who did come. Perhaps something to build on? 

    Thanks to all who offered to help run this event. In the end we didn't need so many, but it was clear to TS that we cuold have run a much larger event well.  


  • Visit to the club by Ruth Edwards MP

    We were delighted to welcome Ruth Edwards, MP for Rushcliffe, to the club on Sunday 12th June. Ruth and her husband Owen heard and saw a bit about the pavilion refurbishment and other projects, as well as our Hoos4Health outreach and the transplant sport event which had taken place earlier the same day, but they pent most of their visit enjoying playing some croquet.

    The photo below shows Ruth with Rob Edlin-white and also Simon Elmore of Transplant Sport.


  • CA Peel Memorial Tournament

    2022 Memorial Peels Tournament 12 – 15 May 2022 at Nottingham Croquet Club

    This historic handicap tournament was again hosted by Nottingham on behalf of the Croquet Association. It is one of the few calendar events which segregates players by gender, consisting of three events: men's singles, women's singles and mixed doubles. 

    • In the final of the Mixed Doubles knockout., Omied and Philippa Hallam beat David and Eileen McGee +10(T) 
    • In the final of the Ladies' event, Wendy Spencer-Smith beat Phillippa Hallam +4(T)
    • In the final of the Men's event, Mark Innes beat Omied Hallam +26. 

    A fuller report will appear on the CA website in due course.




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