Membership of the club is open to anyone interested in croquet.  If you wish to apply for membership, please complete and send this form with a cheque for your subscription.  You will have to undertake to abide by the Club Rules.  Membership details are held on computers, will be supplied to the Croquet Association (CA) if you agree to become a member of it or play in tournaments run under its auspices, and contact details are published in the club handbook.  The club has Data Protection and Safeguarding policies and, as a member of CA, subscribes to its Equality policy.

Subscription rates are set by the AGM in April each year.  The full subscription rates for 2019 are £165 for full members, £110 for country members (living more than 20 miles away), £30 for Far Country members (living more than 50 miles away), £30 for students, £25 for juniors and £15 for non-playing members.  Reduced rates of £85 and £115 for full members and £55  and £85 for country members are available for players new to the game in their first and second seasons respectively. There are no green fees for members.  Full and Country Members for whom Nottingham is not their primary club (for the purpose of CA membership) can deduct £10 from these figures.

Temporary membership is available during the initial taster course.  It costs £25, which includes a coaching pack and is deductible from the full subscription if you continue to play.