• Rachel Gee won the English National Singles Golf Croquet Championship - again

    On 19th and 20th of September, against top class opposition,  Rachel Gee won the English National Singles Golf Croquet Championship, and retained the Ascot Cup, without dropping a single game over the whole weekend (winning all 6 of her best-of-3 matches by 2-0). The detailed results are here . 

    This premier GC event was held at Southport Croquet Club, and all the semifinalists were Nottingham Croquet Club members (Rachel Gee, James Death, Richard Bilton and Ian Burridge). 

    Congratulations to Rachel on this remarkable achievement.

    A fuller report is available here


  • St Albans beat Nottingham in Secretary's Shield semi-final

    The semi-final of the Secretary's Shield (handicap Association Croquet) was closely contested between St. Albans and Nottingham on Sunday 27th September 2020 at Nottingham. In the end the result depended on a golden hoop ending, with St Albans winning by four games to three.  

    Results (St Albans names first):

    Heather Bennett (3) & Stuart Stafford (16) lost to Omied Hallam (-1) and Debbie Watson (14)
    Stephen Mills (6) lost to Roger Watson (-6) -16T
    Roger Bowman (14) beat Andrew Beaumont (6) + 10

    Heather Bennett (3) beat Omied Hallam (-1) +8
    Stephen Mills (6) lost to Andrew Beaumont (6) -11
    Roger Bowman (14) beat Roger Watson (7) +3
    Stuart Stafford (16) beat Debbie Watson (14) +1 T (Golden hoop)

  • Bristol beat Nottingham in AC inter-club semi-final

    On 20th September our inter-club team had a close tussle with the visiting Bristol team, with Bristol eventually prevailing in the very last game.  Bristol will go on to meet Surbiton in the final. 

    Results (Nottingham names first):

    Alain Giraud and Omied Hallam beat David Goacher and Ed Duckworth +26tp (Giraud)
    Will Gee lost to Robert Wilkinson -22tp
    John Davis beat Richard M. Smith +5

    Alain Giraud lost to David Goacher -4
    Omied Hallam beat Ed Duckworth +4
    Will Gee lost to Richard M. Smith -17
    John Davis lost to Robert Wilkinson -13tp

  • Mick Owens won club Beginners' Tournament

    On Saturday 19th September, ten beginners (from 2019 and 2020) competed for the new Derek Blow Shield, playing four rounds of 14-point full bisque with 90 minute time limits. It was won convincingly by Mick Owens (2019 starter) who didn't drop a game. Runner up was 2020 starter, Ben Shelton. Congratulations to them both, and best wishes for continued successes. 

  • Paddy Chapman won the President's Cup; Ian Vincent the Tankard

    On Sunday 13th September, after 4 days of intensive competition at the Hurlingham club in London against some of the top players in the country, Nottingham Croquet Club's Paddy Chapman won the President's Cup, the highest ranking of the Association Croquet "Eights". He won 12 of his 14 games, four of them completed with sextuple peels, beating croquet legend Robert Fulford who won 11 games.  The photograph shows Paddy (right) being presented with the magnificent trophy by Stephen Mullliner. 

    Paddy had previously won this in 2015. Other Nottingham members whose names are on the cup include James Death (2007) and Keith Aiton (2005). 

    Meanwhile, in Southport, after a similarly demanding schedule, Nottingham Croquet Club's president, Ian Vincent, won the Treasurer's Tankard, the fourth of the "Eights". 

    Many congratulations to both.

    Over the same 4-day period, our club hosted the Chairman's Salver, the second ranking of the Eights, which was won very convincingly by Samir Patel. Many thanks to all who volunteered to support this in so many ways. Our hospitality and the quality of our facilities were very well received and much appreciated. 


    Stephen Mulliner presenting Paddy with the President's Cup (Photo credit: Sarah Mulliner)



    Ian Vincent (right) with the Treasurer's Tankard (socially distanced from Don Williamson).




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